Service Areas

Custom Synthesis and Manufacture

Custom synthesis is one of our main focuses. With our experience in the synthesis of more than 20,000 novel compounds
that represent the broadest range of structures, our teams can synthesize any challenging targets on a scale ranging
from mg to tons of quantities. All of the compounds we sell are fully tested by NMR and/or LC/MS and/or GC/MS to
ensure the quality.

Process Research & Development

With fully GLP/GMP trained chemists and chemical engineers, our research teams can carry out the process discovery,
optimization and scale-up for new products or key intermediates.  We provide production processes, investigations of
reaction mechanisms and characterization of impurities. We also provide SLP, DEMO-runs and tech-transfer packages for
your processes. In the meantime, we make your processes greener.

Raw Material Sourcing

Our sourcing group has both import/export chemical experience and broad raw material networks in China. We can
provide chemicals of the lowest price and the highest quality for both intermediates and APIs and support direct
business on a worldwide basis.

Regulatory Submission Support

Our well-trained pharmaceutical development professionals with hands-on experience in all stages of the drug
development and commercialization process and in-depth knowledge of FDA regulatory processes and procedures
provide excellent services for Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) review of New Drug Applications (NDAs),
Investigational New Drug Applications (INDs), Drug Master Files (DMFs), and other regulatory submissions.

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